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Rebecca Sciandri Griffin

~ official blogger


Dear Friends and Family,

Here’s the deal.  I have been challenged to write a blog post. If you know me, you know, I am not a blogger.  Truth be told I don’t even know what it takes to call yourself a blogger, so maybe I harbor a secret blogger within myself and just don’t know it yet.  So I am just going to wing it.

"People want to know more about us", or so my brother who is the tech savvy guy in this clan tells me. So, the goal is to have a place where you, (the 6 people who will actually read this) can go to find out about all things Sciandri. “Write about the Vineyard”, he says.  Really? Is that what you want to know? What the Ph levels are in the grapes 3 months before harvest? They are crazy! Right now the fruit is one big acid bomb, awaiting the rise of sugar. That's it! Now that didn’t sound fun or engaging did it? I can’t imagine writing about the development and a growth cycle of the grape and pretty much that’s what going on here, watching the grapes grow. All you need to know, is come October we will pick those grapes at the peak of perfection, so that in 2020, you can enjoy some really good wine from the 2016 vintage.  Deal? Ok now what?

So what is it you want to know? I decided for my first blog post I will let you tell me what to write about in all my future posts. No I am not being lazy, ok well maybe a little lazy, but really why should I ramble about something no one cares about. I would rather this be more of a dialog than a monolog.

So, consider this my research paper. An invitation for you to ask the pressing questions you have of me, our family, and our business. 

Maybe you want to know about our recent travels or where we sell our wines, or when our next epic party will be held. (SPOILER ALERT: October 29th…. First edition of the Sciandri Supper Club. Shhhh…I can’t say anymore it is a secret.  Shoot, my dad right now would affectionately call me a “squealy squealy” for letting the cat out of the bag early. Oh well, I guess this blog thing could work, because now you will have to come back to get the details on how to score an invitation to this secret dinner party you won’t want to miss. 

Maybe you just want the dish on local Napa gossip, oh wait that would be wrong, ok if you want that you may have to come for a visit so we can talk in private. Call me!

Ever wonder how you can have your own private wine party with us and your friends in your home town? (yes we do this and they are crazy fun just ask)

Questions about the vineyard? (warning depending on the time of year these questions maybe well, less than lengthy, as no one can rush mother nature)

Perhaps you even have questions about the dogs or kids that run around this place.  You ask it, I will do my best to answer, or if I don’t know the answer, at least try to entertain you with my reply.

I can’t wait to hear from you. You can of course ask in the comment section below, or send your questions in via email   Let’s get this conversation started!

If you don’t ask questions, I will be forced to report daily logs of grape maturation, please don’t make me do this! While I love the vineyards and being farmers is what we do, it makes for a boring blog! Trust me I tried that route before I came up with this genius idea.

I would get in big trouble if I also didn’t tell you how to find us on all our pages.



  @SciandriWine and @SciandriDogs

If this all seems like way to much, just call us! 707-277-4999



HEY!  Is being a blogger sitting down at your computer and rambling thoughts like I am doing right now? 

~Then by golly I was wrong, perhaps I am a blogger. 

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